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Objectives of the Vue JS Course

  • The nature of Vue and how it can be incrementally it’s implemented
  • Master building the Vue templates
  • Bind Vue code into HTML style classes and inline styles
  • Handle the events in your Vue applications
  • Implement unit tests in your Vue applications
  • Deploy Vue.js applications

Pre-requisites of the Course

  • Basic JavaScript Knowledge is Required
  • Basic HTML and CSS Knowledge is assumed throughout the Course

Who can attend this course

  • Front-end web developer
  • Full stack web developer
  • System engineers
  • Any developer who should have an interest in learning new frameworks.

Vue JS Course Content

  • Getting Started to Vue JS
  • Using Vue JS to Interact with the DOM
  • Using Conditionals and Rendering Lists
  • First Course Project — The Monster Slayer
  • Understanding the Vue JS Instance
  • Moving to a “Real” Development Workflow with Webpack and Vue CLI
  • An Introduction to Components
  • Communicating between Components
  • Advanced Component Usage
  • Second Course Project — Wonderful Quotes
  • Handling User Input with Forms
  • Using and Creating Directives
  • Improving your App with Filters and Mixins
  • Adding Animations and Transitions
  • Connecting to Servers via Http — Using vue-resource
  • Routing in a Vue JS Application
  • Better State Management with Vuex
  • Final Project — The Stock Trader
  • Deploying a Vue JS Application

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