Microsoft Azure Training

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Course Content:

  • Introduction
  • Installing the SDK
  • Creating cloud solutions
  • Emulating the cloud
  • Azure architecture and tools
  • Windows Azure Roles

Publishing Azure Solutions

  • Introduction
  • Azure management portal
  • Configuring management certificate
  • Preparing to publish
  • Publishing from Visual Studio

Windows Azure AppFabric And Services

  • Introduction
  • Hosting services in web roles
  • Understanding AppFabric
  • Azure AppFabric SDK
  • Hosting Service Bus endpoints
  • Consuming Service Bus endpoints from Azure
  • Worker Roles
  • Understand difference between WebSites & WebRole

Working With Azure Storage & Queues

  • Introduction
  • Understanding the storage client API
  • Working with tables
  • Sending messages with queues
  • Working with blob storage

 SQL Azure

  • Introduction/Overview
  • Comparing SQL Azure to SQL Server
  • SQL Azure Architecture
  • SQL Azure Security
  • Provisioning a database
  • Adding ASP.NET provider support
  • SQL Azure Scenarios
  • Deployment Architecture
  • Microsoft Tooling
  • Developing with SQL Azure
  • Using entity framework with SQL Azure
  • Connection Termination
  • Migrating Data to SQL Azure
  • Using the SQL Azure OData Service
  • SQL Azure and Business Intelligence


  • Windows Azure Caching Service Introduction
  • Development with the Windows Azure Caching Service
  • Cache Security
  • NET Support
  • Content Delivery Network

Windows Azure Access Control Service

  • Introduction to Identity
  • Windows Azure Access Control Service Fundamentals
  • Integrating the Windows Azure Access Control Service with ASP.NET
  • Windows Azure ACS/ADFS Integration

Service Bus

  • Azure Service Bus Basics
  • Windows Azure Service Bus Relay Service
  • Windows Azure Service Bus Queues and Topics

Hadoop Service

  • Media Services
  • Microsoft Media Platform
  • Build workflows for the creation
  • Management and distribution of media with windows azure Media Services

Windows Azure Diagnostics

  • Windows Azure Diagnostics Introduction
  • Windows Azure Diagnostics Integration with Enterprise Library Logging
  • Windows Azure Diagnostics Configuration Precedence
  • Capturing Windows Azure Diagnostics Data Buffers
  • Windows Azure Diagnostics Tips And Tricks

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